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The  Book – Growling at the Gate, my first book of poems is available now at a cost of €10



Patrick is the name and poetry is the game – poetry, storytelling and song.
o Performance – I like to recite my poetry for a live audience – people who have come along to listen. My ideal venue is a small theatre with good acoustics but I have also preformed in cafes, bars, libraries and even churches. If you are interested in hosting a performance please contact me.
o The  Book – Growling at the Gate, my first book of poems is available now at a cost of €10
o The CD – Now You’re Talking, a spoken word CD was released in 2002. I can get you a copy for €10.
o Commissions – Would you like me to write a poem for you? All themes shall be considered. A poem may be suitable for public utterance, it may be something intensely private or it might be a different kettle of fish altogether. You choose. For example, you could be on the committee organizing a festival someplace searching for that special something that would resonate with the public – a freshly minted poem perhaps? You might know somebody who is about to retire, who has a significant birthday coming up or who is approaching one of the many milestones along life’s pathway. You are finding it hard to locate a suitable present – why not commission a poem? This would be a unique work of art made for this particular person or occasion. It is a tailor made suit that fits perfectly and never wears out or loses its style. Give the poet the lead of life and he will hand you back the gold of the gods – allow a month for the process to take place. Give me a call.

Some Poems

   - Many Mythologies
   - Barry the Biffo
   - I saw you in an old Vermeer
   - I stay in bed all day
   - The Two Professors
   - The Border

   - Pat and Will       NEW

In My Secret Life 6
A Fishy Tale

See there was this fish see and he lived at the bottom of the sea. He evolved a way of surviving at these depths by learning how to push out his power to withstand the intense pressure of the water that surrounded him on all sides. But sometimes he wasn’t even sure that he was a fish. He thought he might be some sort of amphibian or maybe even one of these upright beings that one sees walking about the place. In his search for self-realization he swam up to the surface to see what life was like up there.

In My Secret Life 7 
Alien Abduction

I was abducted by aliens. There I was up in the high field making hay when this big flying saucer comes skimming along and lands at my feet. A door opens up on the side and out hops this little green man with a television aerial sticking out of his head and he no bigger than a leprechaun. “Take me to your leader,” says he. “I’m sure the Taoiseach has enough on his plate without bothering him with the likes of you – what’s this all about?” arsa mise.

The Director’s Cut

The director’s cut and bleeding
He’s dying in the stalls
But nobody comes near him
Inside the darkened hall

The leading actor’s gone away
He took the last train home
But before he made his exit
He gave a gentle groan

The heroine’s in heaven
She isn’t on the street
She fled the final curtain
On her dainty little feet

And all the minor characters
Are drinking in the bar
They’re drawing lots and taking bets
To see who’ll be the star

Patrick Carton

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