In My Secret Life 6 - A Fishy Tale - Patrick Carton performance poet and storyteller

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In My Secret Life 6 - A Fishy Tale

See there was this fish see and he lived at the bottom of the sea. He evolved a way of surviving at these depths by learning how to push out his power to withstand the intense pressure of the water that surrounded him on all sides. But sometimes he wasn’t even sure that he was a fish. He thought he might be some sort of amphibian or maybe even one of these upright beings that one sees walking about the place. In his search for self-realization he swam up to the surface to see what life was like up there.

This was an exhilarating adventure. As he reached shallow waters he was hit by a barrage of strange sensations: everything was much more bright and colourful and loud up there! He heard wild music from the shore and there was a great throng of people laughing and shouting and drinking and having a whale of a time. Some of them even recognized him from his previous visits and called out to him for fun. He called back and flapped his fins furiously and thought it was all plain sailing.

However, the means used to survive at the bottom of the sea are not easily adaptable to survival on the surface. Perhaps the fish was a bit too preoccupied with bringing up pearls from the ocean floor to have yet mastered the art of absorbing intelligence from those who lived on the land. He was excitable and easily confused so when somebody that he never met before said hello it blew his fishy little mind. See when he went to bring forth his seldom seen power into the light of day it rushed out too forcefully and if you stood too near he blew you out of the water. Alas! The fish could not swim away from himself but he could retreat back down to the bottom of the sea – and that is what he did.

That is where you might catch him now, lurking in the watery depths searching for words to express his deepest feelings. Oh what a fishy fish! If only he could be a bit less deep and profound and a little more light-hearted and frivolous he might yet realize his greatest ambition, to be a human. One day he may even learn how to walk on the mountains.

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