The Two Professors - Patrick Carton performance poet and storyteller

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The Two Professors

Professor she
professor sha
mixing up the medicine with Madam Ming Mee Ma
professor sing professor song
making mighty medicine in old Hong Kong
professor walk without no feet
professor sail along the street
professor swim upon the shore
him enter room without no door
professor, professor bouncing ball
professor standee ten feet tall
him throw a ball into a tree
him build a boat out on the sea

Other professor from the land of green
picks up ball and makes a scene:
me make medicine, me sing song, me sell medicine from old Hong Kong
me make money, me make dough, me go to bankee singing “ho, ho, ho”
me make medicine, me pure mule, me turn smart folks into fools
me want standee ten feet tall, other people look real small
students doing not so well, me turn their lives into a living hell
professor yin, professor yang
professor lead the old press gang
professor and his ship of fools
professor making all the rules
professor make you walk the plank
professor like that you say thanks
professor and his pirate crew
will beat you bloody black and blue
go tell your sins to father confessor
also known as the professor
professor, professor me go ashore
professor, professor, professor no more

   Patrick Carton

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